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The Credible Threat

-forcing myself to lose weight NOW-

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The Stickin Things, formerly known as Credible.
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Diets and weight loss. HCG diet.
Wow, it seems like once a year my weight loss plan morphs into something TOTALLY different. 2008 is no exception. Actually, this new (and somewhat controversial) diet plan was discovered in the summer of 2007. The diet was a wild success for mein cousin who lost 30 lbs. on the diet. I, however, had multiple failures due to my own subconscious sabotage. But - it is the NEW YEAR and 2008 is my year (and 8 is my lucky number).

So anyway, STICKIN THINGS is mostly about my and Holly's progress on the HCG protocol. If you want more information, I would refer you to Dr. Simeon's "Pounds and Inches" and also Kevin Trudeau's book, "The Weight Loss Cure that They Don't Want You to Know About" (with a grain of salt). I found a wealth of information on Yahoo! Groups, there are several forums on the HCG diet and protocol. I won't go into all of the details and rules involved, but basically it is an injection of a very low-dose of HCG (the pregnancy hormone) and a very low calorie diet for 6 weeks which results in *healthy* and FAST weight loss.

Holly and I (and my mother) have all started a round of HCG for 2008. This community will chronicle meal plans, weight loss, etc. As this is Holly's second round, much of her progress can already be viewed in recent entries.

Here is my last "credible threat" plan where I actually thought that I was going to exercise and lose weight the "right" way. HAHAHAHAHA:
I created this community 1 year ago to share the progress of an innovative weight loss idea that didn't quite work. But 1 year later, I am still motivated to reach my goals, although they have changed slightly. I am female, 5'4", now 22yo, and still teetering on 140 pounds. My goal was to lose 20 pounds/and or achieve a 4-pack by Memorial Day. But now, my goal is to run the NYC marathon in 2008. Step 1 of this goal is to run a 5k for the George Washington Bridge Challenge for the American Cancer Society on June 10, 2007. I'm shooting for a 12 minute/mile pace.

I'm just going to eat smart - not any kind of crazy diet. I'm going to try to chow down on more fruits and veggies and scale back some on meat (except for fish and chicken breast) and pasta (my worst weakness). I will eat my sweets in moderation but not restrict myself from any cravings. I am enjoying my life. :-D

Hopefully during the next 11 weeks from now until the race, I will have lost 10-15 pounds of fat. Wouldn't that be spanky! :-D

Here is my old "credible threat" plan that didn't quite work for me because I was able to steal the pictures back, but it might actually work for someone else if they can create a credible threat for themselves:
Inspired by the March 16th airing of "Primetime" on ABC, I have based my challenge on theirs.

Starting on March 24, 2006, I have taken a dozen unflattering pictures of myself (me in a bikini and me wearing an outfit that is MUCH too small, that I hope to fit into by the end of this challenge) and compressed them into a password protected ZIP file. I have burned this file to a CD, and have given it to a co-worker that is a good friend of mine that I have a secret crush on. He has been instructed to hold onto the CD, put it somewhere safe and forget about it as part of an experiment. I have ensured that these pictures are HORRIBLE. Under no circumstances do I want he, or ANYone else to see them. The crush does not know what is on the CD. I trust that he will respect my wishes - he's good like that.

My other good friend, and an ex co-worker of ours is the judge of this competition. I have a little bit over 60 days, until Memorial Day, to get into shape. He has been given the password to unlock the ZIP file. If the judge determines that I have significantly changed my physique, he will instruct the crush to return the CD to my possession. If I have not achieved my goal, he will give the crush the password, and I will crawl into a hole and die.

The pressure is on - the imminent threat is present. No longer can I procrastinate like I have been for the last year about getting in shape. This is my LAST CHANCE before the summertime, before I go back to school, this is the best time to do it and with this motivation it will! I can't even bear to think about the humiliation I would feel.

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