Hi everyone!  I just found your community!  I am on day 12 of the diet and am so far down 22lbs!  This has been so ridiculously easy I keep wondering where that catch is?!  (As in, will it all pile back on after I'm done?)

Anyway, I have been blogging my results daily.  I wish I had found you all sooner!

HCG Round 2 - Stickin Day 12, VLCD 10

I'm on round 2 of the HCG diet. I can't believe how freaking easy it is to lose weight on this diet. This time around, it is barely a struggle to stay on the food protocol. I have energy again and it's nice to wake up every morning to a weight loss.

When I started up again, I was back to about 139/140. I've lost 8 pounds from that so far, most of it being water weight probably.

I'm experimenting with some new recipes. I converted a turkey burger recipe into a chicken burger recipe which is very decent and a nice change to grilled chicken or ground beef.
I bought some flounder and I definitely like the taste more than tilapia sometimes. Tilapia just got boring for me.
I'm been using ground grissini mixed w/ italian spices to substitute as breadcrumbs and I make shrimp parm (without the parm) out of it. Quite tasty. I might try mixing some of the breadcrumbs with a fish-friendly spice mix and try to oven fry the fish.

I don't really drink water that much, oh well. I'm a little liberal with my meat (100-125 g)and grissini (sometimes 3/day), and I don't eat that many vegetables, but I have no negative impact thus far and I don't anticipate any either.

Even stickin it is nothing for me. I used to get all freaked out and nervous and I used to imagine that it hurt. It doesn't. It's so fucking easy now. I guess if you just do it enough it's like second nature.

This time is much easier I think, since I'm so much closer to my goal, I'm not getting as frustrated. It's not the end of the world to be stuck on this diet for 6 weeks. I wish more people would be open to it, as it could really help some people who are REALLY struggling. I'm so glad that I found this diet and that I've seen it help people in my life that I care about.

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burn christ

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So, technically I shouldn't be still losing weight. Today is my first day OFF the low cal diet and I'm *so* excited omfg. I think I'm having chicken w/cheese & waldens bbq sauce AND AN AWESOME SALAD for lunch, and a cheeseburger for dinner.

I'm 150.6 this morning, I'm so stoked. I just have to maintain that now for 3 week until I *stabalize* & then I'm having a goddamn bagel. so there.

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STICKIN' Day: 45
VLCD: 42
Weight: 151.8

So, holy shit, 151.8 this morning. I'm super happy about the thought that I could be 150 by the end of the diet.. which happens to be this Friday. I'm really nervous about going off the hcg, honestly. I'm afraid I'm gonna fuck up.. but I have to just focus & take care of myself. I know I can do it, but I've gotten *so* used to the "easy" way. Now of course that it's almost over, I'm having significant loss.. and with only 10lbs to go to my original goal I wonder if I should keep going while I'm on a roll. I'm really torn. Last night I had decided I was going to go off on schedule and lose the remaining weight with exercise on phase 3... but eehhhhhhh I could lose it so much faster with NEEEEEEDLES. Also, my friends from work are dying for me to drink with them and if I tell them I'm staying on longer I might get stuffed into the freezer. Plus I really wanna drink god damnit. We're gonna see. If you look at my chart, I go down for a bit, go back up or stall, then go down again, etc. I've been losing consistently for the past 9 days & I'm just worried I'm heading into another stall. PLUS-where is my period? I'm sure its in there somewhere >:o

I really don't wanna stay on. ...but for convenience's sake I'm not opposed to it. I probably in all honesty will end up staying on, at LEAST until 140. I don't wanna have to do this diet ever again, lemme just get it over with!

So, even though no one cares, I finally dyed my hair. I got strawberry lowlights & bleach blonde highlights. The color I picked was a pretty reddish orange with kinda a copper tone to it, but it came out more red, aaaalmost like a crimson color I guess. I really love it.

cliiiiick goddamnit

Here's my data chart for today.


Stickin It Day 39, VLCD 37

I dropped another whole pound! YYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! The curse is finally broken!

And thank Christ that I finally hit the official 15 pound mark. Thank God that I'm losing again. Hopefully it's the extra protein (well it isn't doing any HARM obviously) and I hope that I keep losing big numbers like this everyday throughout the remaining duration or this round. With 7 more days, if I could lose 7 more pounds (highly unlikely, but I wish), I could be just about 125. And that would be sweet. I would totally take a little break at 125.

Regardless, I'm committed now to getting down to 115 on this diet if it kills me. Now I'm only 20 pounds away from that LMAO! Most likely I'll take a short break somewhere in between and see how it goes.

I wanna be SKINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i'll post better later, but i just wanna say:

today i'm at 153.6. puts me at 20lbs loss this round, 50 in total since i started trying to lose weight. where the fuck are my camera batteries

Stick It Day 38, VLCD Day 36

Well I lost today. Finally. I weighed 136.2 a bunch of times, then 137.0 then 135.6 over and over so thats what I'm taking.

I'm teetering on the fence as whether to continue on the stickin past Feb. 17 or not. Just 1 more week. If I can get to 130, I'll take a little break, if not, then I'm pretty sure I'm going to stay on. I'm going to keep eating more protein and see how that continues to work for me. I really need to suck down more water today, too.

Time is running out!!!

Stickin It Day 37, VLCD Day 35

Well, I'm not cranked today, so that's definitely a good sign. I still did not lose today, but I am hovering around my last lowest weight - I was about 136.6-137.0 today. I'm okay with that.

I doubled my protein last night and I drank the 2 liters of water required of me. I'm pleased that I haven't gained, actually, since I increased my protein by so much. I think tonight I will also double my evening protein and make sure that I consume all my water again today. Hopefully I'll see a loss tomorrow. This morning I keto-sticked it and I had a moderate level of ketones in my system, so that's a good sign.

There really isn't that much time left on the diet, and I'm still disappointed that I'll be stopped soon, even if its just for 1 week... It scares me. I want to keep losing and I don't want to take any break, but I'm going out for lunch with my dad on the 18th and I'll POSSIBLY see Craig on the 20th for his bday. And goddamn it, I need a fucking drink (and I bet 1 drink is all it will take LOL).

So we'll see, we'll see.
i hate you

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Stickin day: 38
VLCD: 35
Weight: 155.6

Holy crap I'm 155. I'm kicking the 150 clubs ass. I hope this shit keeps up to the end of the diet. I still need to drink more water!

Well, I had to buy new bras last night, there was some seriousness going on there. It didn't take me long to find something, and it turns out now I'm a 38DD. aaahhaha titties! I tried on some clothes and ended up buying shit. Karen bought a really cute trench coat; I got a pair of jeans & 2 shirts. The jeans are a size 7, and I fit in them but with super muffin-top goodness. So they're my skinny jeans now. I got 2 shirts, 1 medium & 1 small & they're so so cute.

I'm having something done on Friday. It's gonna be a surprise and only Cousin knows what it is. I'll be posting pictures. :-D :-D :-D I'm very excited.

I bought cute underwear but by accident, got the granny style ones. So now I gotta return them. Ugh.